How to create a Free Diwali Online Greeting Card for Corporate

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Tutorial on how to create a corporate Diwali greeting card with a custom logo and wishes. This is an easy way to share professional Diwali 2022 wishes.

How to create a Free Diwali Online Greeting Card for Corporate

Instructions for creating and downloading professional Diwali greeting cards

How to create free, fast and beautiful Diwali greeting cards online for businesses and customers. If you are a business owner or employee of a company and looking to create the best Diwali wishes for business, check out this guide on how to create an online Diwali greeting card for your company in just a few minutes. simple operation.
Diwali is coming, have you prepared any gifts for your employees, customers, partners? If not, think about designing an electronic Diwali card for a "unique" gift! And in the following article, Howto24h will suggest you some of the most effective and effective websites to create free Diwali cards online today.

I. Meaning of Diwali greeting cards

Diwali cards, though not of great material value, have great spiritual significance. This gift shows the heart and sincerity of the giver. Especially, if you design and write good wishes on your own, this will definitely be a gift that will make a good impression on you to your work-related contacts.

II. How to create a Diwali card for the company

To design an Diwali eCards for your company, you can refer to the following websites:

Here we will show you how to create a Diwali card for your company with Birthdaycake24. This is a website to create Diwali wishes 2022 with a simple interface, very easy to use. Users only need to go through 3 steps to have a beautiful online card.
The website has a total of 45 different greeting card templates, very unique and beautiful. You can customize the logos, add greetings (if you want), download Diwali cards for this company and print them out.
Step 1: Visit the page to create Diwali Cards online

How to create a Free Diwali Online Greeting Card for Corporate

How to create a Diwali 2022 greeting card for the company

Here you will find lots of Diwali card templates with themes for any audience. You can easily find Diwali greeting cards with company logo. Here we create example: Corporate Diwali Wishes for Business With Fireworks
Step 2: Upload your company logo image (if available or you can skip this step)

How to create a Free Diwali Online Greeting Card for Corporate

Steps to create Diwali cards 2022

Step 3: Enter your company Diwali wishes.
Step 4: Enter your company information, or whatever your content is.
Step 5: Click “GO” to create and download the card to your computer. You will receive a card with the following interface:

How to create a Free Diwali Online Greeting Card for Corporate

Download free Diwali 2022 greeting cards for companies

You can choose “Save” to save the image to your device, or “Share” to share the newly created card via social media: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram…Or “Create Again” to recreate if not like.
Try to create a lot of beautiful and unique Diwali card effects for yourself to share with customers and partners on the upcoming Diwali 2022. Wish you create and choose meaningful Diwali images and wishes.


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